She could feel the hole inside her every morning when she woke. It wasn’t for hunger, though sometimes there was that too. It was a hollow place, an emptiness where her heart had been, where her brothers lived, and her parents. 

Racebent Game of Thrones: Quvenzhané Wallis as Arya Stark


5 months ago

We’re all just songs in the end. If we are lucky.


5 months ago


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Robb | Sansa | Arya | Bran | Rickon 


5 months ago

 You have a wildness in you, child….


5 months ago

Needle glinted as she drew it. She turned her body sideways in a water dancer’s stance without even thinking about it. Dead leaves crunched beneath her feet. Quick as a snake, she thought. Smooth as summer silk


5 months ago

Who taught you that shit?


5 months ago

You need her, as she needs you.

I can’t sleep until I say the names  // I am Alayne, Father. Who else would I be?